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Will she still want me once she finds out who I truly am? Pepper: A handsome new neighbor moves in next door, together with his adorable twin sons, arousing my curiosity and other… feelings in me. Strangely though he seems to hate me, even before we actually meet. Which is too bad, because my daughter Tiff is just as taken with his sons as me. Things get even stranger when suddenly two wolf cups appear in my backyard and Tiff begs me to keep them. Gavin: A new town, a new start, a new life. That’s what I wanted, but my gorgeous neighbor is destroying the peace of mind I had hoped to find. I wanted to give my sons a chance for a normal life, where all three of us can let our dark secrets out without fear of repercussions or prejudice. How was I supposed to know that next door was the home of the most delectable woman I had ever met? Destroying all the peace I was looking for. It doesn’t help that my sons seem to adore her and her young daughter. But how can we be friends or have a relationship when I need to keep our secret hidden? The world might know that shifters are real and live among them, but that doesn’t mean they have fully accepted us yet.

You’re cordially invited to the wedding of April Seasons and (insert groom’s name here). I’m officially tired of dating. Done with all the games. That’s why I’ve put my love life into the hands of professionals and I’m letting them find my perfect match. The only catch? I’ll meet him at the altar. That’s right––I’m marrying a stranger. Did I mention it’s also being filmed for a reality TV show? I’m ready to meet and marry the man of my dreams. With the matchmakers’ expertise involved, what could possibly go wrong?

My heart nearly stopped when my new boss came striding down the hallway toward me. No man had any right to be that gorgeous. But Nathan Wentworth was gruff, fussy, and unappreciative of my help. With a body built for sin and a face made for the camera, women should be lined up at his office door. He’s clearly a whiz at numbers but doesn’t know a thing about people. Luckily, I can help him. Even though I’ll need to find a way to stop myself from staring, I can be a diligent assistant. Even if it means forcing him to lighten up a bit. The heat between us is an indescribable force when we start to click. Until I discover his most personal secret, and my big mouth gets me into far more trouble than I expected.

This six-book steamy romance series is impossible to put down. It will take you away to a world where shifters are full of passion and desire. 

Book 1: Bad Boy Bartender’s Second Chance: My life revolved around my first love until one night changed everything. Now destiny is reuniting us. I’ve returned to Cedargrove. My grandmother’s dying wish keeps me in my hometown after being gone for ten years. My neighbor, Thane – former high school sweetheart – has also returned to care for his ill father. But there’s no joy in our reunion. I was his first love, and he still holds on to painful memories. Our paths keep crossing, and we can’t forget what once was between us. I know his body too well, like the back roads behind the stadium. One look from him tells me that he remembers mine too. But I’m still carrying a secret that demands to be free. Even if he were brave enough to put his heart on the line for me again, will he forgive me for keeping that secret?

(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

If you love Enemies-To-Lovers, Age Gap, Grumpy Boss Billionaire Romances with Sassy Smart Young Ladies, and Surprise Babies, grab this Billionaire Grump’s Box Set with four Standalone books. Happily-Ever-After Guaranteed!

Book 1 – Billionaire Grump’s Secret Baby: The boss I hate just might be my baby daddy. It was the night I’ll never forget. Every face was hidden behind a mask. Yet, I was irresistibly drawn to a stranger… He was like a god walking amongst men and I had to have him. It didn’t take long for him to take charge and claim me between the sheets. But I have yet to see his face. I was daydreaming about the stranger at work. Until my boss walks in… Gawd, I hate him. Harrison Sloane. The grumpy, stubborn billionaire who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. But somehow, Harrison reminds me of the stranger. I might have been sleeping with the boss I hate. And to make things worse, I’m now pregnant with twins… 

(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

He could ruin her in the eyes of the ton. She could save him from a life of solitude. Back on the London marriage mart at almost twenty-six and with no dowry, Laura Peyton holds little hope that a gentleman will want her for herself, when most seek affairs or youthful wives. When her brother makes a financial agreement with the Earl of Debnam to save his estate, Laura’s reputation may be ruined once and for all. She finds herself staying at the estate of the rake the ton call “the Phantom Earl,” where she is expected to fulfill his wishes for a month-long affair. But she begins to suspect Lord Debnam is not simply the outrageous rake who danced with her in London. The mystery surrounding the elusive earl makes her determined to stay long enough to discover why he is the way he is. The more the attraction between them grows to fever pitch, the greater her need to get close to his true self. Because of a family tragedy, Brendan Cowper, Earl of Debnam, is determined never to marry. In London, he indulges in unfulfilling short-lived affairs, but deep down, he longs for a woman’s softness and her understanding. Is love always (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Perilously close to losing his inheritance, he turns his back on everything that matters to him to save her. When about to choose his bride in London, Hartley Montford, newly minted Marquess of Pembury, learns his neighbor’s niece, Lady Madeline Howard, has gone missing, Hart drops everything to go in search of her. Despite Maddie being an annoyingly frank-speaking and independent young woman who he would never add to his list of possible brides. Hart’s estate, Pembury, is badly in need of funds. As he and his father were at odds and the estate holds bad memories for him, he prefers his bachelor’s lifestyle in London. But he suddenly finds himself in urgent need of a wife. His Uncle William, the Montford second son, has stipulated in his will that Hart must cease his rakish lifestyle, settle down, marry and deal with his obligations, by a certain date. Or he’ll be cut out of the will. When consulted, Maddie’s groom fears foul play. Suddenly, despite the pile of unpaid bills, the renovations needed for the estate, and the clock ticking to fulfil his obligations, Hart simply cannot give up until he finds her. But in London, the popularity he once (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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