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I had it all figured out: graduate with honors, land the perfect job, maybe even find the love of my life. And so far, I was on track. Until I became the personal assistant to Jack Edwards, a billionaire businessman known for his ruthless strategies and drop-dead gorgeous looks. It was a dream job… until that fateful night in an elevator. A passionate kiss. His roguish charm was intoxicating, but it wasn’t real. Jack Edwards didn’t do real. Or so I thought… The next thing I knew, he proposed to me. Not for love, but for a fake marriage. A temporary arrangement to fulfill his dying grandmother’s last wish. And in exchange, he was offering me the unthinkable – to be the CEO of his multi-billion-dollar company. I agreed with the firm belief that we would keep it strictly professional. But here’s the catch, the more I try to distance myself, the more I find myself falling for him. And now, stuck in a car, in the middle of nowhere during a raging storm, it becomes clear that denying the chemistry between us is easier said than done. The problem? This marriage was meant to be fake. But what happens when fake starts to feel dangerously real?

Olivia thought today would be just another regular day at work. Instead, she meets a playful couple who captures her interest, and she theirs. Receiving a handwritten letter sealed with a kiss, she must decide whether or not she’s brave enough to contact this sexy couple for a night of bliss. Having recently celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary, Liam and Sana decide to go out for brunch and a bit of fun together. They didn’t expect to fall head over heels for their waitress. Olivia, Sana, and Liam will delight you with their love and caring, and then set your panties on fire with how steamy they get between the sheets.

For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag an international criminal, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body. Fearless and bold photojournalist, Dana Sorenson never backed down from a fight or to showcase her dedication to reporting on the human condition. That’s what she thought until she meets Bowie and big, bad, and tough takes on a whole new meaning. Gratitude for saving her ass gets lost in his demanding orders and fighting for her life takes a back seat to falling for this alpha male who’ll risk everything to see her safe.

Michael “Tex” Penn comes under fire when a mission goes bad and the Navy pilot embedded with the team is killed in action. The pilot’s wife, the daughter of an influential senator, wants answers the Navy has forbidden him to give. The OP was as black as night and Top Secret classified. A JAG officer and her partner are assigned to investigate the case to determine what happened during the mission and why the pilot died. In steps Lieutenant Nora Wilson, blonde, blue-eyed and in charge, the kind of confident woman who stirs his blood. But she’s the enemy. She wants his team to spill the details which goes against everything he’s been taught. A former Super Hornet pilot and Navy aviator, Nora already knows she’s going to get push back, already understands that Navy SEALs usually take their secrets to the grave, but a man is dead, and she’s been directed to get the pilot’s wife her answers. The minute she comes up against their steely-eyed, confident CO, she knows she has her work cut out for her. (Read the full blurb on Amazon.)

The elegant baker, Hannah Bell, has always lived on Bluestar Island with her family. While still grieving for her father, who died in a fire, she focuses all of her energy on making her dream come true—opening her very own bakery. But when a broken water pipe washes away her carefully laid plans, she’s on the verge of losing everything. New York firefighter Ethan Walker’s life is in a tailspin after he’s injured on-the-job. When an urgent call detours him to Bluestar Island, he agrees to help his lovable but meddlesome great-aunt. But organizing the island’s Spring Fling proves a lot harder than he originally imagined. He needs help…and fast. Under the magic of Bluestar Island’s sea breeze and warm sunshine, Hannah and Ethan must not only face their immediate obstacles but also their own turning points in life. Will they have to do that alone? With a leap of faith and a dash of romance, they might just find the perfect mix to make their dreams come true.

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