Young Outlaws MC Series by TL Wainwright


The Complete Series. Three Brothers. One Asshole Father. And a whole load of F*cked up trouble.

Unlawful Book #1: The last thing Colt (Cannon) Gunner expected was to have a crazy connection with the young, pretty, feisty blonde the Young Outlaws vowed to protect. The more he tries to deny his craving for her, the more he seems to be drawn in. Being a 1%er may make you an outlaw, but committing a crime with her just couldn’t happen. That would be Unlawful.

Justice Book #2: Wesson (Mammoth) Gunner has only one girl on his mind. Despite the risks, when he receives a cry of help from the frantic teenager, he’s unable to walk away. Breaking the law is nothing new. But when accused of a crime you didn’t commit; all Mammoth wants is Justice.

Vengeance Book #3: Despite the mixed emotions that Smith (Brick) Gunner’s return to the club provokes, it comes with a proposal his brothers can’t refuse. However, Brick has secrets and lies that need to be confessed, but not before the deed is done. Because there is one thing all the Gunner brothers are seeking, and that is Vengeance.

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