You are Mine by Amy Oliveira


The sexiest bewitching novella of the season

I’m the seventh sister of the most legendary coven in history.  All the seven of us have gifts. Super special, supernatural gifts.

Mine is the worst.

I’m Marnie Morales and while my sisters can do all kinds of things, I can recognize my soulmate.

That’s it.

No telekinesis. No premonitions or anything useful. Nope. All I’ve got are glimpses of my soulmate and because nothing is easy my soulmate is…

Well, nineteen years older, the CEO of the biggest PR company in the country and totally out of my league. And god, the man is difficult!

But I know we were meant to be together even if a curvy little baker isn’t anything like he imagined for himself.

Fate is a funny little thing, you see. You can’t fight it.

Grayson is mine and I’m about to let him know.

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