X Girls Network by L.R. Renard


Watching the submissive girls on this seductive webcam site was her obsession. Now that she’s on the other side of the camera, Jessie’s whole world is about to change…

Jessie: Viewing the X Girls was like having friends, in a weird way. It tapped into my fantasies of being submissive, with a thrilling, dominant Master. When a computer glitch gives me a peek into the dark reality of their world, I had to know more. Drew was everything I’d ever secretly dreamed of – dark, rough, and commanding. He agrees to be my Dom for the audition, and days later, I’m on my way to be a cam girl and Drew’s plaything. Pleasure and fantasy start to blur, as my feelings become real. But so does the danger I’d put myself in.

Drew: I was already falling for her on our first coffee date, then suddenly Jessie needed me to be her Master, and crack into the network to check on those girls. But in front of the camera, everything shifts. Once I taste her skin, I stop acting. Once I feel her submission, I know that she’s mine. Permanently. Unless this site takes away my control, and doesn’t allow me to protect my sweet submissive. I might already be too deep in this, and too deep into her.

*** Note: This novel features some slightly darker content. Vivid intimate scenes, bondage and discipline, true love, and a Master/submissive dynamic. HEA guaranteed. Visit the author’s page for the email list and website.

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