Wynter’s Coming by Penelope Wylde


Christmas is near but, Wynter will be coming first!

I came to North Pole, New York looking for a fresh start. Down on my luck with only an accounting degree to my name, I found the only job in this small town the first day I arrived.

And that’s how I met my billionaire boss.

Dominant. Possessive. And criminally gorgeous with dark eyes and a delicious way with my innocent body. He knows how to send heat to places I only dreamed of him touching.

First it was the elevator and then the hotel room. He promised to deliver on all my fantasies and for once I think my Christmas wish stands a chance.

But I have a secret. One that will not only get me fired but steal away the man who possesses me heart and soul.

A good girl like me knows better than to play dangerous games with a man like him, but I’m shedding my halo looking to get naughty this Christmas.

Ready or not, Wynter’s coming!

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