Wrong For Daddy by B.L. Brooks


I’m late…again. And Professor McKay doesn’t seem to be in any sort of mood for my tardiness. By how he keeps flashing that famous cold stare of his my way, I can tell the man’s had enough.

But what’s a girl supposed to do?

My roommate’s the one in charge of getting us to campus—even though every week she acts as if we somehow landed ourselves a new schedule…

So you can certainly say walking in late on lectures is no special occasion for me.

Though once classes end for the day and I’m off to my job at The Dollcat—the hottest nightclub here in the city—I find myself in even more of a pickle.

Working somewhere like this is purely for the money. I mean, of course I’m not looking to keep at this ‘till I see the wrinkles start to form. But it helps the club pays double, if not triple, than what most gigs around here can offer a girl my age.

But when my section becomes overrun by a group of rugged men who seem to think they have any right to cross the line set here at The Dollcat, I’m shocked to the core when finding Professor McKay is the one to save my night.

What in the—

Without thought, I’m defended in a heartbeat, getting swept off my feet and taken away from the crowd to be brought home safe and sound, left without a mark.

But now…now I’m flooded with feelings I can no longer control—emotions I have no right to feel for a man of this caliber.

And through the thick of it all, I can now see what’s right.

Knowing in the end I’m nothing but wrong…for Daddy.

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