Wrong Address by Haley Travis


A semi-stolen bouquet leads to a whirlwind romance, instant love, and defining the line between helping and controlling.

Katy didn’t want much out of life. Just a decent apartment, a job that uses her business skills, and to get the heck away from her screeching shrew of a sister.

Matt stepped in like a knight in shining armor. Well, like a nice, gorgeous guy in a sharp suit. He adored her, and found ways to assist her in every possible way.

They connected so deeply, so fast, that Katy felt like she could truly rely on him. Which wasn’t exactly the independent life she was hoping for. Yet there’s no way she could resist the way he cared for her, and made her heart flutter from the simplest touch.

It was crazy how fast they fell in love, but will Matt’s constant help straighten out Katy’s life, or smother her?

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