Wrist Shot by Kristen Echo


Sparks fly when Sylvie visits her longtime friend, Martin. He’s the sinfully sexy goalie for an NHL team and his heart is as broken as hers. The two friends had never been single at the same time and one wicked game shoots their relationship from platonic to nuclear.
Only falling in love wasn’t part of the deal. He’s made it clear that relationships are distractions, and he’s focused on his budding goaltending career. Twenty-two-year-old Sylvie got attraction, lust, friendship and love all mixed up.
Their game of blurring the lines had the potential to wreck years of friendship and become the distraction neither of them wanted. She didn’t just want to score; she wants to win his heart. As her trip comes to an end, she’s not ready to leave, but is there a reason to stay?
Valentine’s Day offers more surprises than she bargained for. Old wounds tear open, forcing Sylvie to choose between the life she planned and happiness she never expected.

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