Wrangled By The Rancher by Joann Baker & Patricia Mason


Wyatt Whitfield had given up a life of danger to become a rancher, hoping to soothe his jagged soul. When his friend and fellow agent asked him to keep a witness safe on his ranch, he’d expected to do just that—not to fall in love with the quiet, strong beauty. Now, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her—even if it means letting her go.

Marissa Thomas wasn’t sure who she was anymore. When her brother disappeared into the local drug cartel, she’d given up everything she’d known to find him, uncaring that her own life was in jeopardy from the notorious drug lord responsible for her brother’s disappearance. She was willing to put her safety in the hands of sexy cowboy and former agent Wyatt Whitfield, but she hadn’t expected to leave her heart there as well

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