Wolf’s Haven by Amber Ella Monroe


He’ll give up everything to save his pack.
Everything but his fated mate.

Wolf shifter Devin Caedmon is running out of time to untangle his pack from the mess they’ve fallen into. Becoming alpha was never in his plans, but letting his people fall prey to the destructive lure of black magic is out of the question. The last leader is dead, and Devin’s birthright speaks for itself. Is he destined to lead or destined to be alone?

The obligation Devin’s been avoiding all these years leads him back to his home—and straight into the path of the woman who captures his heart. But she is only a human who knows nothing about his world. It’s forbidden to expose his wolf side to an outsider, but how much she means to him has already been revealed.

She learns to trust the wolf but has yet to trust the man.

Tamara has very few options left when it comes to dealing with her abusive ex, but she has made a choice. For a taste of freedom, she’ll risk her life. The moment she thinks her plan will work, everything backfires. While at rock bottom, she stumbles across a wolf and the man to who the wolf belongs. Tamara knows she is safe with the wolf, but will her destructive past dissuade her from being bound to the man?

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