Witches by Lisa Carlisle


It’s the Season of the Witch! Warning: By entering this underground club, you may encounter witches, vampires, shifters, and werewolves. Enter at your own risk!

Ignite: Witch Elise tracks down a gargoyle shifter to inform him of the news. He’s a father. The mother of his child is her sister–the witch who’d cursed him. Any attraction to this sexy shifter is forbidden. But when she needs his help to protect her niece and his daughter, desire might be too difficult to resist…

Combust: After being bitten by a vampire, Nike’s thirst for blood is growing. Her friend is marrying into a family of Salem witches and asks her to be the maid-of-honor. Weddings are stressful enough, but Nike faces an even bigger decision with immortal consequences.

Torch: Rachel is seeking an elixir from a witch when she’s drawn to a gargoyle shifter. Their attraction is strong, but forbidden. She’s cursed to become a werewolf each month, making her far too dangerous for anyone–even a shifter who turns to stone.

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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