Wild Destiny by Emily Hussey


A moonlit night, a country road, a man in a hurry.

From the moment Daniel runs his car into a ditch, to the scene he encounters in a remote part of the bush, he struggles to make sense of what is happening.

In a quiet country town, Cassie invokes the support of the Goddess in controlling her fate. She is a woman on a mission, goaded by the women of the Clan and determined to control her own destiny.

Orchids have long been known as sensual flowers, and when Cassie distils the tincture from the Musky Caladenia Orchid, the effects are mind-blowing. Daniel can attest to that.

The Goddess brought them together; evil nearly tore them apart.

If you enjoy romantic fantasy, you will be delighted by this whimsical tale. Download the first of the Tales from Harrow.

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