Wicked by Pepper McGraw


Two sisters. One spell. A bit of chaos and a lot of romance.

Samantha Covington has always believed that order and restraint are the most important ingredients to a happy and safe existence. She prides herself on her absolute control, especially when it comes to the very sexy Jack Saunders. When a spell shatters that control, though, she discovers how truly irresistible he really is in No Rest for the Wicked.

Serena Covington loves her life. It’s full of flirty fun and sexy times and she’s never bored. Until a spell curses her with restraint, that is, wreaking havoc on her love life. Suddenly, her planned seduction of the ultra-sexy Neil Beckett is now permanently on hold. Except Neil himself doesn’t seem to have received the memo in Wicked Is As Wicked Does.

This bundle includes both books in the Wicked duet and is a complete set.

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