Who’s That Girl? by Stacy-Deanne


When Georgia sets foot on the Spears’ family estate claiming to be the late Anthony Spears’ daughter, all hell breaks loose. While Anthony’s widow Wanda takes to Georgia immediately, Anthony’s stepdaughter, Osana, refuses to believe Georgia is Anthony’s daughter and sets off to prove her suspicions to protect Anthony’s estate.

Georgia is thrown off track when she comes face to face with Kel, a man from her past who she’s always loved. Kel loves Georgia as well but is not sure that they belong together. Yet, the more they try to fight their feelings, the more they realize their love will never go away.
Georgia finally realizes that having money does not bring instant happiness and that blood is not always thicker than water.

Warning: This book contains a hot gardener, a conniving stepdaughter, an obsessed nephew, and a sexy billionaire.

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