Whispers on the Wind by Judy Gill


“Come,” he says, and she does.

Lenore’s a sensible accountant who has never had an erotic dream in her life. But she’s also never had to deal with a dream-lover like Jon. His touch feels so real she’s bereft when she awakens to find he is not there. His words, his promises, whispered in her sleeping mind tempt her and when he calls, demanding her presence in the most unlikely place she can imagine, she goes to him.

Jon, badly injured, needs help and Lenore’s is the strongest, most receptive mentality he can find as he seeks the members of his shattered, mind-linked team. Desperate, he beguiles her to him with promises of future joy, promises he knows he may not be able to keep because he is a man of Azonia, where he must return, and she is a woman of Earth. Or is she?

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