Wanted: An Honest Man by Cricket Rohman


An orphan endures her grim childhood by cultivating a powerful belief in the myth, the fairy tale, the happily ever after. But now she’s all grown up…
Lindsey, a kinder teacher in survival mode after an unthinkable divorce is brilliant in the classroom where inquisitive and humorous children surround her. Unfortunately, unwanted sinister challenges invade her off- hours. Strange phone calls haunt her. A stalker, perhaps?

After learning the shocking truth about her ex-husband, she doesn’t want to be alone. Still, she isn’t ready to go looking for new love, but men find her anyway. She’s thankful for her 180-pound mastiff, Wendell. He thinks he can solve her problems. Sometimes, he does. He’s lovable, he’s loyal, and … he’s the teacher’s pet.

By chance, Lindsey meets a handsome grad student with a propensity to play detective and who is also involved in some tricky human research. His eyes are on Lindsey. But will his heart follow? Can she learn to trust again and allow him into her life amid the odd mysteries that keep springing up?

A teacher. A lover. A survivor. All Lindsey wants is her own happily ever after.

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