Violent Bones by Nikki Landis


Violence is a normal part of my life.
I’ve lived it, one way or another, since the day I enlisted.
In the Corps, they called me Ace.
A sharpshooter, I never missed.
But after I retired, I felt restless, searching for meaning until I found Hope’s Refuge.
Mercy took a chance on a cocky Marine.
I found my purpose in handing out justice and helping women and children in need.
So when Mercy asked me to follow his daughter and keep her safe, I thought the job would be easy.
Until I saw her.
Davina is a goddess. The perfect woman. Trouble disguised with a confident, sensual smile.
Getting close to her just might be my downfall.
Not one enemy overseas could take me down, but this feisty Harlot has me locked down and begging for more.
Can I resist falling for her and keep my focus on her safety?

I’ve always been independent. Tough. Lethal.
My daddy didn’t raise a weak woman.
I learned to shoot a gun at twelve and fight in the ring with my brother at thirteen.
Relationships and love aren’t in the cards for me.
I’m too damn picky, and I don’t like to be controlled.
I guess you could say I’m a dominant personality.
I’ve got it all figured out until I meet Ace.
He’s a tattooed, imposing, dark warrior who makes me want to act on all the fantasies in my head.
He’s charming, loyal, and deadly.
This Marine knows how to take charge and gives as good as he gets.
I don’t want to fall in love. I swear he’s just a fling.
And then my stupid heart starts calling the shots, complicating things between us.
When my life is on the line, I can’t help thinking of Ace first.
Can he save me from my enemies before it’s too late?

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