Velvet Devil by Nicole Fox


It’s the first look on my wedding day. I turn… but my husband isn’t there. Instead, I see the stranger who ruined my life.

Here’s the story: Six years ago, I was on the worst first date in history. A blind date with some jerk who wouldn’t take no for an answer. The handsome stranger swooped in. Saved me. And sat down to finish the date. I thought it was crazy. But we had insane chemistry. We got to talking, one thing led to another, we ended up in the restaurant bathroom, and… You know. I got pregnant. He disappeared. Life: ruined. I tried to move on. For six years, I thought I succeeded. But now, out of nowhere, he’s back–on my wedding day, of all days. Saying things that don’t make any sense. “Your fiancé isn’t who you thought he was… I’m not letting you marry him…” And, worst of all… “You’re marrying me instead.”

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