Valiant Protector by B.L. Brooks


The girl next door might just be the one I’m meant for…

My new neighbor doesn’t quite fit the part around here—angry, broken, depressed and poor.

No, as little Laney Jones here doesn’t belong at all, being the adorable, upbeat, sweetheart that she is…

And when I come to learn she’s out of options—forcing her to live in the slums of the city—an internal, or should I say feral instinct locks into gear, driving me to want to do nothing but protect Laney.

Living down here is my way of laying low, especially with the years I’ve racked up in the Bratva. But the goddess next door doesn’t deserve to live like this.

And with danger now lurking around the corner, I have no other choice than to break my one rule and step into the picture. Saving Laney, keeping her safe…and all while I make the girl mine.

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