Until You Set Me Free by D.M. Davis


Joseph McIntyre is everything I’m afraid to want. I’ve never been a fairytale-happily-ever-after kinda girl. I’m the nerdy girl with my nose in a book or my laptop. The little sister of the guy who sucks all the air out of the room. You blink twice you’ll miss me. And I’m fine with that. Until the day Joseph shows up over Thanksgiving break. I’ve never wanted to be noticed so badly in my life. Turns out he sees me. He wants me. Just not yet.

Samantha Cavanagh shouldn’t even be on my radar… and yet she is. I’m the youngest McIntyre brother. Confidence has never been a problem. Yet proving my worth, my standing, getting my degree and taking my rightful place at my family’s tech company has always been my focus. There’s no room for anything else… anyone else. Until the day I follow my best friend home from college. The day his sister walks in the room, making me want what’s not mine to take. A mix of unassuming confidence and beauty, she vibrates with intelligence and sweetness. The caveman in me wants to claim her, mark her, keep her. But I can’t. She’s not ready… I’m not ready. I’ll wait. We have time.

Turns out we don’t… When a mad-man threatens her life, all bets are off. I’ll do anything to keep her safe even when she does everything to push me away.

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