Until You Are Mine by D.M. Davis


Heartbreak comes in many forms. Sometimes someone breaks your heart. Sometimes life does the breaking. And sometimes, just sometimes, you break your own heart to save the ones you love.

I broke off what we had to protect him.
He demolished what was left in one drunken, thoughtless act.
I have no one.
No family.
My father is dead.
The rest have abandoned me.
Then hope comes pounding on my door.
Pretty promises wrapped up in the man I love but can never have.

She pushed me away, propelling me into the biggest mistake of my life.
I discovered the truth… about her… about me.
I can never tell her what really happened.
All I can do is protect her with everything I have and pray she forgives me before it’s too late.
Too late to make her mine.
Too late to save her from her father’s killer.

Can Joseph and Samantha find their way back to each other before time runs out?

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