Unsung Melodies by Angela K Parker


A moving, engrossing novel of love, family, and sacrifice.

It’s hard to keep a secret when the whole world’s watching.

Owen Daye is the epitome of good trouble—the kind that brings truths to the light.

Sophia Conley is an unspoken untouchable, to be admired from afar.

For years, Owen ignored his attraction to Sophia, until a pool party brought them face to face. He knows he should stay away, that his presence would turn both of their lives upside down. Yet, he can’t help but ignore his own advice. Owen eases into Sophia’s life like a gentle wave kissing the shore. They fall hard for one another, but with their happiness comes pain.

There’s a wall between them that Owen can’t tear down. Sophia’s kept her secrets buried for years, hoping they would stay hidden. When her past collides with her present, she’s left with two choices.

Fall prey to her demons, or risk losing Owen for good?

*Goes Live 01/18/22*

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