Unexpected Love by L L Shute


Brenda Johnson, alias ‘Brie Parker’, is an executive assistant by date and a romance writer by night. She has never been lucky with relationships or been so invested in her love life. Writing is an escape for her and it’s how she expresses her ideologies about love and romance. Her childhood past leaves her with memories of how her father maltreated her after her mother left and thereby, tainting her perception of true love. Then she meets her new boss and—despite his attitude and dislike for her ‘talkativeness’—she finds herself getting attracted to him. But he is way out of her league.

Caesar McCartney, billionaire bad boy, doesn’t have a care in the world for anything that’s not business or his booming career. One bad heartbreak was enough to scar him for life. Now he is a ruthless businessman without caring about how his actions or words make others feel, and no one has ever stood up to him for it. Until he meets Brenda. Caesar’s father, who recently handed over the reins of the company to his son, has some terms and conditions that Caesar has to fulfill before he can have access to his full inheritance. To him, it’s a simple task, yet one that should make his son more responsible. Caesar disagrees, however. But when he meets his new assistant, he begins to question everything he ever knew. Feelings get involved and now he doesn’t know what to do with them. How would these two navigate the feelings they share? Would they ever admit it to each other?

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