Undercover by M.D. Dalrymple


*Live on 4/30*

Undercover police work comes with too many dangers to count. When his deep cover work gets too hot, Willow is caught in the crossfire. Can Liam protect Willow or will his relationship with her blow his cover and risk them both?

Under the street name Hawk, Officer Liam Turner has spent the past several months tracking a new drug. Given his immense size, he easily found work with the local drug boss who uses him as an enforcer. But when Liam meets Willow in a random encounter, all he wants to do is keep her safe, even if she doesn’t know his real name. He takes a chance to ask her out and immediately falls for the willful nurse.

Willow’s had a lot of problems as of late – cheating boyfriends and helping keep her best friend clean after rehab. The last thing she needs is to become involved with the handsome giant she met in a grocery store. But her friend keeps telling to take a chance, and what better risk than to go out with Hawk when he asks?

Hawk is unlike any man Willow has dated before. First, his size is something from myth – he towers over everyone. With his job in security, she expected a rough man. Instead she finds he’s attentive and makes her feel like the most important person in the world. How can she not fall in love with him?

Then, in a strange convergence of events, Willow learns Hawk works for a local drug dealer, and that her best friend was buying from that dealer. Has everything for the past several weeks been a lie?

When Hawk tries to reach out to Willow, she won’t respond. But when he shows up to her house to try to speak to her, shots ring out in the streets, and blood flows.

All Hawk wants to do is protect Willow. Can he do that and still maintain his undercover story? Or will he lose both Willow and his cover?

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