Unchained by Vee R. Paxton


“Jack Mathers was my first lust. Hot, older, completely off-limits, and out of my league–or so I thought. Turns out the feeling is mutual. Wanting him has never been the problem, my awakening abilities are. When I’m not careful my kiss can kill a man. If I give in to the attraction between us and lose control, Jack will be the one to suffer.”

“Sexy little redhead Tatum Sterling is a fire in my blood that I can’t extinguish, but getting involved with her isn’t a smart idea. Not only is she my best friend’s little sister, but she also has abilities that could kill me and a tempting price on her head.
The money? That would be easy to claim if I wanted to give her up. The woman, however, that’s the real challenge. Bringing her under my control would be the thrill of a lifetime–if I don’t get myself killed.”

Unchained is a paranormal romance and contains hot graphic sex on-page, graphic/foul language, a D/s power exchange relationship, a bit of kink, a lot of lust, and a satisfactory ending (no cliffhanger). It is book one of a series but can be read as a standalone story.

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