Unbreakable by Tee Smith


As an only child, raised by two loving parents, it wasn’t difficult for Erin to make the decision to return to Rosewood Bay to care for her sick mother. Made easier when combined with leaving her loveless marriage. She hadn’t intended to fall in love, but no one plans for these things. The fact he was tall, dark, handsome, mysterious and completely different to her ex, only served to sweeten the deal. Maybe a “bad boy” was just what she needed in her life.

Curtis “Ripper” Bandura has spent his life running from his demons. When he meets the sexy red-haired nurse, he knows she is too good to be true. He’s not the kind to find a girl and settle down. Everything falls apart sooner or later. For now, he’s prepared to bask in the sun for a while.
Unfortunately, trouble has a way of following him around and it’s not long before that trouble threatens to destroy all his hopes and dreams. There is only so long he can hide his past from the woman he loves, and he knows it will be enough to destroy them both.

When their two worlds collide, Ripper’s dark past threatens to tear both their worlds apart. Can the truth save them both or is it too late?

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Romantic Suspense

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