Unabashedly Yours by Amy Oliveira


A feminist cause brings the opinionated bookworm Rina Rubio and the by the book lawyer Darren Kelly together. This slow-burn romance is an absolute treat for anyone who’s looking for a spicy new book, fighting as foreplay and the beloved enemies to lovers trope.

I like control, sue me. In fact, don’t, it usually works the other way around.
I have to say, my life is on tracks:

✓ I make decent money with a job I love,

✓ my house looks good

✓ I have spare to help Ma.

Well, the pink-haired devil begs to differ.

My assistant, Sabrina Rubio, (a.k.a., the bane of my existence) has an opinion about everything, particularly about my dating life. She thinks I can fall in love just like those men in the romance books she devours. But that’s one more thing we have to disagree.

Sabrina can call me a grumpy boss as much as she likes. There will be no office flirting going on at number 34, Main Street – Yellow Meadows.

Between her steamy romance books and her crass humour, I’m pretty sure her main goal is to drive me insane.

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