Tyrant’s Revenge by Raven Dark & Olivia Alexander


The only way to stop the evil from my past is to put my life in the hands of the monster in my bed.

Tyrant, president of the Soulless Assassins MC, is hot as hell and he scares me to death.

He holds me prisoner for my brother’s crimes against his club.

I am just his pawn in a sick and twisted game.

He will use and humiliate me as he sees fit until he has my brother’s head.

I should be repulsed by what he does to me, so why do I crave his touch?

When an evil man from my past stalks me from the shadows, Tyrant is my only hope of stopping him before he takes my life.

But my captor is a monster and an outlaw, everything a woman like me should hate.

Will he snatch me from the jaws of death, or will he destroy me first?

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