Two, Variant – 4 by Sandra R Neeley


Two has struggled all his life to fit in. His own father didn’t even want him, and walked out on him and his mother. As a result, he’s always believed that if a father isn’t willing to be front and center for his children, then he shouldn’t have them. Being a father is a gift that should be valued above all else. So, imagine his utter shock when he’s told that somewhere out there, he’s got a son. And that son is all alone in this world. The moment he hears the news, everyone and everything else falls to the wayside. He’s going to find his son — now — and nothing will stand in his way. Unfortunately, one of those things that gets left behind in the mad rush, is Shauna. And after being thrown aside this time, she swears it’s the last time.

Shauna is living in Alliance, working as an administrative assistant. She’s happy with the exception of one thing. The male she’s set her sights on, fell in love with at first sight, doesn’t seem to feel the same way she does. She was drawn to Two the first time she ever saw the big male. He’s not like the rest. He’s simple, and good, and… happy. Only now, she’s thinking she completely misread Two’s intentions. He’s stood her up before, this was his last chance. She’s done. She deserves someone who wants her as much as she wants them, and obviously Two doesn’t feel that way.

Two’s son is out there somewhere alone in a system that despite its good intentions isn’t always able to provide for the kids that have no choice but to depend on it for their very survival. But his life is about to change. There’s a male on the way, and this male will never allow him to be alone, or mistreated again. This male would give his life for him. And he just may have to do that. But Two might not have to fight alone, if he’d just open his eyes and take notice of those around him who are willing to stand with him.

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