Twisted Devil by Nikki Landis


The Royal Bastards MC is mine.
My club. My family. My salvation.
And I will do anything to protect it.
I’m brutal. Crazy. Ruthless. And I won’t apologize for it.
I never believed I would love anything as much as being SAA and taking the Devil’s Ride. Becoming a Reaper and patching in with the RBMC were the best decisions I ever made.
Until I met Nylah.
The feisty nurse owns my black soul.
She’s become the most important person in my world.
My life in the club is too dangerous for her, but I won’t give her up.
She’s an obsession. An addiction. The light to my darkness.
A liability.
When my past surfaces, along with all the bad things I’ve done in the name of vengeance, I know I have to let her go.
It’s the only way to keep her safe.
Losing Nylah forces the monster within to break free and lash out.
Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.
It’s the shocking truth that unleashes the beast I’ve tried so hard to contain.
The twisted devil inside is done with following the rules.
My Reaper is willing to risk everything, even a deal with the devil, to save Nylah.
And there isn’t any place where my enemies will be able to hide.

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