Twice Mated by Penelope Wylde


We were never meant to be.

My two alpha shifters want to prove otherwise.

I’m in way over my head in more ways than one.

I have no business walking the halls of the Silver Circle this late at night or stealing ancient spell books. What can I say? The elders stole from me first and I want my magical powers back.

But that’s not where the real problems begin. No, that’s coming for me in the form of two alpha shifters with one purpose: to claim all of me for themselves before it’s too late.

Two devilishly hot, alpha AF and utterly possessive enforcers who like to share. They know the power of their knee-weakening kisses and use those rough hands to bend me to their wills.

Yeah, they’re trouble all right.

Did I mention they’re off-limits? I’ve learned the hard way witches and werewolves are forbidden to mate, but try telling that to my enforcers. They fight for and protect what’s theirs and they’ve made it clear that’s me.

But it’s never that simple. Before I can wear their marks, they’ll have to save me from death’s doorstep.

I may not have my powers but being soul bound is a magic of its own and it might be the only thing that saves us in the end.

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