Tutoring the Queen by Sable Rose


In a kingdom where repression is celebrated, a sexually inexperienced queen meets a handsome slave skilled in the art of delivering sensual pleasures… Queen Atania is a woman torn in two directions: on one hand, she strives to follow the example of her late mother, the bottled-up former queen, by enforcing Divine Law in the kingdom over which she rules. Divine Law demands that anyone worshiping any other god but the state-sanctioned one must be punished. On the other hand, there’s a part of her that’s more like her progressive father. In secret, she enjoys reading erotic poems and banned material that would surely land her on the wrong side of Divine Law. Having grown up under a law that promotes sexual repression, Atania’s sexual experience is limited. Although, there’s that part of her that hungers for more. When she receives the gift of a slave taken from a neighboring kingdom named Roka, the absolutely most delicious-looking man she’s ever seen, Atania realizes that it’s her chance to explore the depths of that deep inner hunger. Unimpressed by her royal status, Roka sets about teaching her the joys of sexual liberation. Atania is swept away in an avalanche of desire by his kisses, touch and taste. But then, Roka challenges her to take a stand: to choose him. What to do? But before she can make a decision, something calamitous happens. Having learned that she has broken Divine Law, a faction of nobles seeks to depose her. Queen Atania is facing a desperate situation; one she’s never encountered before… One that could lead to the loss of her throne, her liberty and her man…

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