Truth or Daire by Marty Vee


Serena Jackson falls hard when handsome stranger Daire O’Dowd swoops in as her skirt and the Windy City conspire against her. But as she’s flying high, he turns out to be her new subordinate—and completely off-limits. Canceling their date is easier than ignoring her desire for him, which only grows more intense as the months tick by.

When Serena discovers someone is embezzling from the PR firm they work at, it seems as if Daire might be the #1 suspect. Struggling not to fall head-over-heels in love with the handsome Irishman starring in all of her fantasies, Serena must determine whether he’s innocent or guilty.

Daire has a secret—and it’s concealed better than the lust he has for his boss. Keeping it hidden grows harder when an unfortunate booking error forces them to share a room… And a bed.

Can they resist temptation so delicious?

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