Truth by Sophia North


One hot Detective Inspector… who’s more than meets the eye.
One sweet Canadian Constable… who isn’t as ‘nice’ as apple pie.
Assigned to go deep undercover as the ‘Happy Couple’, Ethan & Izzy must face the TRUTH about who they are and how they feel. Question is: can they handle it?

Isabelle Wylde’s been living her life in jolly old England under the radar for the past four years. Hidden in the Basement at Scotland Yard working with data and computers suits her just fine. She’s got enough on her plate running from her past.

Then… a late night phone call transforms Izzy’s world. Being assigned to work for the man of your dreams can do that to a girl.

And what a man he is.
The very delish Detective Inspector Ethan B. Lang makes many a female heart go pitter-pat.

Inspector Lang keeps secrets.
But then, so does Izzy.

Unfortunately… those secrets have a way of preventing the TRUTH from shining through. But for how long?

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