Truth and Temptation by Julia Jarrett


My family’s money has never meant anything to me, and the last thing I want is a corporate desk job. Running a bookstore empire? No, thanks. I’m an inked-up adrenaline junkie who loves pushing myself to the limits under an open sky.

But when a family tragedy forces me to reconsider my priorities, I cover my tattoos with a suit and tie, and do what I must.

My job lands me in Dogwood Cove for a while, where all I want is to keep to myself and fulfill my obligation to my family. I have no intention of pretending to be someone I’m not, much less fall in love.

But then I meet Paige.

The small town book shop owner is nothing like me. She’s shy and quiet on the outside, but warm and funny once you get to know her. Her subtle beauty and charm soothe my angry, damaged heart.

The problem is, if Paige knew who I was, she’d run in the other direction.

My emotional scars run deep and the chains of guilt weigh me down, making me less of a man than someone like Paige deserves.

And when the truth comes to light, I risk losing the love that could change me forever.

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