Traveling Money by Kindra Woods


Estelle’s been struggling in the big city of Seattle and her troubles just won’t end until George strolled up and changed her world. He’s looking for someone to travel with him, he’ll pay for everything but there’s one rule. No S*X! After not having it for so long, Estelle’s considering the unusual job. She feels a connection to the generous man and keeping her hands to herself might be hard. But if it keeps her fed and a roof over her head, can she really say no?

George finds Estelle interesting and wants her to travel the world with him. Once he finds out how hard she’s had it, he pays for her back rent and more just to see her smile. And his rule, must not be crossed no matter how tempting it is, because he doesn’t trust anyone who could be out for a payday on his dime. Will she be different or will she be the next in a line of women to use him?

They are headed to Yellowstone but a blizzard traps them inside. Being close and with nothing to do can change everything in both of their lives. See what happens in Traveling Money.

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