Tornado Warning by Reba Bale


When the sirens go off, the fun starts…

Best friends Jonathon and Robert have shared everything since they first met in kindergarten…toys, an apartment, and now, a woman.

The duo has loved their coworker Claudia from afar for years now, but they’ve always been afraid to approach her. She’s beautiful, private, and completely professional. She seems to hate both of them, at least until the day they’re trapped alone together in a tornado shelter…

Everyone else was smart enough to head home before the storms came, but when Claudia, Jonathon, and Robert stay at work to finish an important project, they have no choice but to take refuge from the storm in an underground bomb shelter. As tornados rip through their town, passion flares and inhibitions disappear as the two best friends show Claudia how much she means to them.

But when the rains stop, will Claudia agree to something long-term?

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