Tomboy by C.L. Cruz


When a tomboy butts heads with Prince Charming, will things get too hot to handle in the kitchen?

The Tacontento Grill started as just a small, hole-in-the-wall taco joint with delicious food.
But after we’re featured on a popular food show, business starts to boom.
It’s almost more than I can handle.
That’s when Noah Bradford rides in on his white horse.
He’s a restaurant investor with good taste and even better buns.
But while he may look like Prince Charming, I’m no swooning Cinderella.
Can I stop being one of the boys long enough to let him treat me like the princess he says I am?

I always dreamed of running my own restaurant.
Instead, now I’m working for a big investment company buying other people’s restaurants and flipping them for a profit.
When I hear about the Tacontento Grill, I know it has to be my next conquest.
What I don’t expect is Araceli Torres.
She’s curvy, smart, and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.
But I need to remember where I come from and what’s really important if I’m going to conquer her heart.

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