To Fall in Love with a Billionaire by Catherine Corry


A visit to the tourist town Ft. Myers changed everything for Fred Winters, a 29-year-old magnate from New York. One moment, he was focused on being there for his sister, Letty; the next, he was losing himself in the arms of golden-eyed Melody Matthews. The calm, strong man knew that Melody was who he wanted and was determined to fight to have her in his life. However, Fred finds himself caught in a tangle of his past and becomes lost in the web of difficult questions.

Will his love prove to be enough to win Melody over? Could he ever find a common ground between the demands of his career and the love of his life?

Melody Matthews is enthralled like never before by the drop-dead gorgeous man who crossed her path on a bus. She may not be looking for love, but the cords of fate are tying her in and she is about to find herself drawn into the world of this amazing man. Melody knows that competition comes with the territory of dating a billionaire from New York but she just couldn’t let Fred go.

Can she come to terms with Fred’s world, or will the battle and doubts she has within herself steal away their chance before they can truly find their love?

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