THORN: Bears of Burden by Candace Ayers


In Burden, Texas, bear shifters Hawthorne, Wyatt, Hutch, Sterling, and Sam are livin’ easy.

Beer flows freely; pretty girls are abundant.

The last thing these good ol’ bears are thinking about is getting hitched.

Until fate comes knocking…


Allie McMichael is running scared.

Not from monsters in the closet or creepy things under the bed.

She’s scared of commitment.


On the run from a would-be fiancé, Allie finds a temp job out in the middle of nowhere.

Love is the furthest thing from her mind until she meets her big, burly boss.


Bear shifter Thorn Canton is a successful tavern owner and confirmed bachelor

To Thorn, a mate might mean a fate worse than death—literally.

But da-yum if that new barmaid isn’t wearing down his resolve at every turn.

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