This Love Is Real: The Prequel by TMH Writer


They say best friends make the best lovers, but Sonya wants more….

Sonya is pursuing a career as a surgeon, and she is hopelessly in love with her best friend. She wants to be there for Teri, emotionally and physically, but Teri doesn’t exactly feel the same way. Struggling with the horrific traumas, she is plagued by nightmares yet continues to follow her own dreams while dealing with the conflicting emotions she still feels from discovering family secrets.

Teri must navigate her way through life and determine what she feels, and Sonya must wait patiently and painfully, watching the love of her life grow closer to Eryn. The wait is made even more difficult when an opportunity of a lifetime threatens to send them apart, and although Sonya hopes Teri will move with her, it seems Teri has other plans.

Will Sonya’s fear of losing Terri come true, or will Eryn be the one that comes between Sonya and her one true love?

Can Terri overcome her fears and accept the love she craves, or will her past stand in the way?

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