Thick Thighs Save Lives by Raven Merlot


Sometimes a man, even one from a noble house, will end up with a woman who is waaaaayyyyyyy more than he can handle! What’s else can he do but accept life as a cuckold?

This bundle of seven stories delves deep into cuckolding relationships between big beautiful wives and their wimpy, inadequate husbands.

“Cuckolding,” for those who don’t know, is when a wife decides she needs more than her husband can offer her. She finds another man willing to fulfill her needs. Her loving husband understands and doesn’t just give consent, he likes the idea. He likes the idea so much that he even wants to watch! What a lucky cuckold!

This bundle contains stories of gangsters, explorers, and husbands who are desperate to save their marriage. This collection will leave you intrigued, aroused, and excited to read more!

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