The Write Time For Love by Callie Timmins


Her exclusive might just be his comeback.

Mmm. Banoffee Pie. I blame that mouth-watering deliciousness on the predicament I find myself in. Or, perhaps it’s my innate desire to have the last word on everything.

Either way, I’m late to a work meeting because of an argument over banoffee pie, and as a result, am sent on assignment to write a feature article on a town no one’s heard of. That’s not too bad – I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and a break from the office.  Until my boss informs me that there’s a ten-year reunion for the champion high school football team that he wants me to cover as well. Um? Hello? What do I know about football? I’m a feature article writer, not a sports reporter.  But my boss is insistent that I need to write an article on the team – or as I like to call them, the group of washed-up has-beens trying to relive their glory days.

Oh, and apparently, I’m also meant to score an exclusive with Cash Amberry, the star quarterback who went on to play pro. Problem is, he’s been a recluse for a number of years, shunning the spotlight and avoiding the news.

Rumor has it that he doesn’t like journalists. This could make for an interesting assignment.

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