The Wild One by Cassie-Ann L. Miller


Jasper Westbrook. Code name: Swoon Machine.
My best friend’s older brother.
Melter of ovaries. Destroyer of panties.
And suddenly…a single dad.

Guys like Jasper—I bet you know the type? The chiseled arms. The wavy hair. The melt-your-brain-cells smile.
Good thing I’m a smart girl—Honey Hill’s former child prodigy, to be precise—I should know better than to fall for this playboy’s charm.

Here’s the thing, though. The man is an expert at solving my problems. And he always knows how to make me laugh. And those hands…Those big, rough mechanic hands…

Oh, damn. What’s that I just said about resisting his charm? Never mind.

Right as our clothes are about to go flying, Jasper’s playboy ways catch up to him. And his life goes to hell in a picnic basket.

Welp. Should have seen that coming.

What I didn’t expect was that Jasper would turn to me for help. And that I would accept.
And I definitely didn’t expect to discover the ‘paternal side’ he’s had hidden all along.

When he rocks his sweet baby girl to sleep in those big, tattooed arms, ‘come to daddy’ takes on a whole new meaning.
Now, I just want to crawl between his sheets and keep him up past his bed time…if you know what I mean.

But we both know we shouldn’t cross that line. Because Jasper is the sudden single dad. And I’m the reluctant nanny. There’s way too much at stake.

Yet, each stolen kiss ignites a wildfire. And each whispered confession leaves me craving his heart.

Fine. I should know better. But I just want to tame this wild one. Once and for all.

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