The Wedding Arrangement by Erica Frost


An arranged marriage with the man I loathe? No. Absolutely, not.

JJ Allerton is NYC’s most eligible bachelor.
Heir to a powerful family business empire.
My brother’s best friend and a loathsome jerk.

JJ doesn’t use his wealth for good causes.
I could never respect a playboy like him.

I’ve always been daddy’s little girl, but I’m an adult now.
So when our families propose an arranged marriage, I dig in my heels.
Me and the bad boy could never work.

Eager to tell him off, I’m shocked when sparks fly between us.
He stands against everything I believe in.
But my body is electrified by him.
And his kisses make me dizzy with need.

I do my best to resist this shark.
Forgetting there’s nothing a shark likes better than a challenge.

Can this enemies to lovers romance end well, or will I leave with my heart broken?

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