The Viking and the Raven by Annie O. Liberty


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I wish it would have been someone else, or someplace else. But as the newest journalist on staff, I get the ‘privilege’ of an all-expense paid trip to the past. Viking era to be specific because that’s what our readers want. What do I want? I’m not sure until I meet the Jarl. He’s dark, handsome, and guaranteed to be dangerous but then again, so is everything else here.


I wasn’t ready to lead but when the former Jarl left in the dead of night, handing over the title and an ominous prophecy, I didn’t have a choice. It doesn’t help that the next morning, the first part of the prophecy was fulfilled by a beautiful stranger. Now if I could just focus on my village and not the gorgeous woman driving me to distraction.

The Viking and the Raven is a Time Travel Viking Instalove Romance novella that is a fast-paced two hour read.

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