The Vampire Hunter’s Seduction by Kenzie Skye


She’s hell-bent on revenge, but he’s hell-bent on seducing her.

Britney is a vampire hunter hell-bent on revenge. Vampires killed her parents, and she’s out for justice, so she’s dedicated her life to working for the Department of Paranormal Entities. The Department has refused to give her the name of her parents’ killer for years, claiming that said vampire is too dangerous for her to take on.

But then one day all that changes. She gets the name of the notorious vampire, and he better watch out because he might be the bloodsucker, but she’s the one out for blood—his.

The only problem? He’s not like any other vampire she’s ever met. Henry Banes isn’t old or hideous. On the contrary, he’s the most gorgeous creature she’s ever seen.

And he’s hell-bent on seducing her.

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