The Ties We Break by Emma Luna


Reading romance has always been my escape. A different world I can run to when real life gets to be too much. And when I find out my father drank away all the money I’ve inherited and saved, it’s those same romance novels that give me an idea.

I need cash, and I need it fast.

Luckily for me, I have something I know people would pay for.

My virginity.

There’s only one problem…

Declan, the owner of the club where the auction will be held, won’t let me participate until I know what my limits are and what I like.

Feeling like time is running out, I ask him to teach me while still keeping my *innocence* intact.

It’s a business agreement and nothing else, but his dark, broody expressions and sexy cocky grin are starting to melt all the walls I’ve put in place to remain as professional as possible.

He can’t win me, which means another man will, and I have to protect my heart.

This isn’t a fairy tale, and there is no happily ever after in our future.

Or is there?

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