The Tempting Minx by Laura A. Barnes


Time leads one along a soulful journey to find one’s true love.

A spitfire debutante. A dashing imposter. One stolen kiss sets them on their path.

Margaret Worthington was a lady who failed to escape the clutches of time. She was now forced to endure a dreadful season visiting the stifling ballrooms, wearing fancy dresses and false smiles. When she would rather ride her horse across the open fields in her comfortable breeches, enjoying the fresh air. Her penchant for trouble lands her in the arms of a lord who she had fantasized about all season. After they share a scandalous kiss, Maggie’s opinion makes a swift change. Soon a mystery filled with scandal and secrets sweeps up Maggie within its grasp. Is Maggie’s love powerful enough to overlook the secrets of her soul mate?

Crispin Dracott played everyone false, even himself. As hard as he tried to lead an honest life, the actions from his past kept pulling him under with their deceit. When he secured a position to bring the villain who destroyed him to justice, he never imagined a tempting minx would claim his heart and soul. With orders to keep Lady Margaret Worthington out of trouble, he fell victim to her innocent charm and couldn’t resist stealing one kiss after another from her sweet lips. His desire for Maggie led danger to surround them in every direction. Will Maggie forgive him once he admits of his deception?

A wild and carefree lady and a gentleman filled with darkness discover a passion they cannot deny. Would the solace he finds in her innocence keep his demons at bay? Or would they destroy the precious hold of their love for one another?

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